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Art Gallery

The gallery displays artworks representative of the Riverton area, which may be viewed as part of the Te Hikoi exhibition.

Inside the gallery

It is available for use as exhibition and meeting space.
Contact us for information on booking and fees.

Christopher Aubrey

Christopher Aubrey was in the NZ late Victorian art scene.
He came from Stewart Island to Riverton in 1879, and in that year painted around Riverton and the Orepuki area.
In 1881 he painted his way up the Aparima River.
He was one of the guests at the Fairfax Hotel in January 1891, on the night when it burned down.
Aubrey painted extensively throughout New Zealand. He died in the early 1900's.
The gallery has 9 original Aubreys and two copies, depicting scenes from the Riverton and outlying areas.

Samuel E Green

There are two Samuel Green paintings in the gallery, both views of the Sarah Pyle, a general trading ship visiting the Riverton harbour.

Painting of the Sarah Pyle