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Gallery shop

We have a range of quality products for purchase.

Books on Whaling and Sealing are sourced from around the world.
Illustrated books on areas of Southland are an ideal purchase for the Visitor.
There are books on Riverton and Area's History.
We have a wide supply of books from GNS (Geological Nuclear Scientists) for sale here. Featuring Rocks, Faults and Earthquakes, and Books that explain Geology in a easy way, Geology of Fiordland, Murihiku (Southland) and many more.

First class maps are also here for you to purchase.

Great for your Libruary, to update your Education, and for families with children, and for Nana and Poppa's to have on hand to fascinate you grandchildren.

Our book selection is considered one of the best you can find in a Museum/I Site.

Souvenirs for the traveller - with just that special twist.

Jewellery for the granddaughter, mother, and teenager. Perfumes at a reasonable price for that gift, or purchase for yourself!

Local artists wares